Iron Infusion

Iron is a component of red blood cells in our blood. When iron levels are low, red blood cell production is reduced resulting in a lowered capacity to transport oxygen and nutrients around the body. The person may then experience weakness and fatigue.

This condition is known as iron deficiency anaemia and is diagnosed via a blood test.

Many patients are referred to the Centre for Digestive Diseases for iron deficiency treatment.

Iron tablets

Medication with iron tablets is a good way of increasing the iron stores in the body but it is a very slow process because the body is only able to absorb a very small amount of iron every day. The remaining is excreted out so in most cases, it would take considerable time for anaemia to be reversed.

Iron Infusion

Iron infusions via injection are a safe and much more rapid method of replenishing the patient’s iron stores. This process may require the patient to be at the CDD for several hours. The patient is also required to come at regular intervals to check their blood levels of iron and to have infusions until normal blood iron levels are reached.

Appropriate tests are done to assess the patient for allergic reactions before starting the therapy.